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Prom Dress Palooza

Makayla Davis and Olivia MacDonald, Writers

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Kali Yovish
A sophomore, Kali Yovish, attending this year’s prom, chooses a pretty, gold gown.

This Saturday, Perkiomen Valley High School will hold their annual Senior-Junior Prom and the attire is definitely something worth talking about.

Sophomore, junior, and senior girls have numerous things to worry about during prom season, including the shoes, the date, and the dress. Around the area, there are many places to buy prom dresses.

Gabby Donnelly, a senior at PV, said, “I bought my dress at Dresscode in Providence Town Center. All of my friends also bought from there too!”

With prom approaching quickly, anxiety is high for eligible girls at PV. When to get the dress and where to get it are two pressing questions most girls need answered. Some get their dress early, in the fall or winter, while others wait for actual Prom season, in the spring. Also, there are numerous trends that are happening currently.

“Some of the trends that I noticed at the King of Prussia Mall were a lot of sequins and tight dresses. There were also tons of vibrant and bright colors,” Kali Yovish, a sophomore who will be attending the prom, noted.

Trending colors and styles are a major factor when buying a prom dress, but there are girls who want their dress to be very unique.

Gabby Donnelly, a senior who will be attending the prom, said, “One trend that I loved was dresses with pockets. My dress has pockets and I love it!”

Along with prom dress trends, where a girl buys her dress is also very important.

Hannah Carhart, a high school senior, said, “I bought my dress at Dresscode, too, and I’ve heard that a ton of people are getting theirs from there too!”

When looking for a prom dress, girls tend to look at what other have gotten so they don’t match, and because they want to know what the trend is.

It is very important to girls when shopping for a prom dress to not get the same dress as someone else in the school. They want their own unique style and to show it off, without anyone else looking the same.

“If I have the same dress as another girl I might cry, it is my one night to stand out in the crowd and not be like everyone else.” said Sophomore, Kali Yovish.

Shopping for a prom dress can be very stressful depending on your style. The earlier the girl gets it, the easier it is to find the perfect one, since there are a lot more options. Most girls will get their prom dress before they even have a date, but others will wait and get theirs a few weeks before the dance, to make sure they have someone to go with.

Gaby Donnelly said, “I got mine in January before I had a date because I’m a senior and I knew that I was going to go. But, girls that are sophomores should not buy a dress unless they are positive someone is going to ask them.”

Prom night is the event every girl looks forwards to, they love getting dressed up and looking like Cinderella for just one night. ♦

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Prom Dress Palooza