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Another Flipping Victory for Perkiomen Valley High School

Chloe Pearson and Maddie Peletsky

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Chloe Pearson
Evan Brzoska getting ready to dive.

At 3:30 exactly on January 19, 2017, the bell rang out across the entire pool area, signaling that the meet had begun. At Perkiomen Valley High School, Channahon came to conquer. Tommy Hayes and Brian Ziggler bit their nails impatiently, pumping up their team before they all got in place to begin.  

Brett Walker, student, tells that he is excited to watch star player, Ethan Hinz, lead the team to victory.

“Ethan is really good, and he swims in so many events” Walker explains.

Starting off, the first 12 events were taken by storm. Perkiomen Valley (PV) won first, second, and third for a huge portion of the game. Dylan Alexander took his place on the platform and strapped his goggles tightly to his face.

He took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was about to take on.

With the starting bell, he was off. Diving off the platform, creating a splash that spilled out the sides of the pool. He then again appeared at the surface of the water, free-styling and putting himself in first place. Ahead of everyone, he steadied his pace. Engulfing the water in a full body hug, pushed off the opposite wall and started his way back.

He assumed a new position in a breast stroke, and forcefully cleared himself through the chlorine laced pool, and continued the same pattern for many more laps.

Once again, Perkiomen Valley took first, second, and third.

After half of the team took place in leading them to a huge advantage, it was time for diving.

Evan Brzoska, from PV, did his first dive, earning him three 6’s and one 5.5.

“I get so nervous watching diving. They’re always so close to the board.” Brett Walker chimed. Gasps and breaths were commonly shared by the people watching, but it was always followed by an exhale of relief and applause from the crowd when it was proven that both teams knew what they were doing in their field of competition.

“It takes guts to dive” Brzoska explains.

Angela, from Channahon, executed beautiful twists with pointed toes and aligned legs. She took the win for the females, and it was not argued by any of the crowd.

On Brzoska’s last dive, he adjusted the board, and eased his mind before he made a last impression on the judges. His feet carried him with fluid bounces to the end of the board and took him high into the air. His knees were tucked tightly into his chest, and he rode in a tuck position all the way to the top. Upon coming down, he completed an almost perfect point position. The whole thing was topped off with straight fingers and an aligned body that made it look incredibly easy.

Both of the teams finished their six dives, and in third place was Cam from PV 145.85, second place was Michael Robinson from Channahon, and in first was Evan Brzoska with 170.

“I did not think I was going to win. This was not my best day but I was still confident about a couple of my dives.” Brzoska laughs.

After a small celebration and shared smiles from PV, it was time to finish what the swim team had started.  

Three swimmers from each team stretched out their recently relaxed bodies, and waved to the audience as their name was called.

Channahon impressively started off the second half with an intense comeback, but fell short in the 1,000 yard freestyle which ended up earning big for Perkiomen Valley, because they placed in first, second, and third.

The second half flew by with a fierce rivalry. Both teams sat on the edges of their seats as they waited to hear the final score.

Hearts pumped, and backs straightened as the same woman got onto the loudspeaker.

“Channahon 74, PV…..” fingers began to cross


Opponents shook hands and gave sweet compliments, but that was nothing compared to the wave of happiness that overcame PV’s swim and diving teams. Hugs could be seen from every inch of the humid room, and dripping hair was suddenly pushed back to show genuine smiles.

Another victory for PV, and it’s clear that the Vikings know what they are doing. ⬥


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Another Flipping Victory for Perkiomen Valley High School