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New Year’s Resolutions

Chloe Pearson, Writer

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New Years, for many people, is a new start. Students and adults often come up with resolutions in attempt to better themselves and make themselves happier or healthier. However, many struggle to keep up with their resolutions for the New Year.

According to a poll done by, 41% of Americans usually have a New Year’s resolutions. Of the people that have resolutions, only about 9.2% feel that they successfully achieved what they hoped to.

Charlotte Arnao, a freshman at PV, says “I usually can only keep my resolution, whatever it may be, for a few weeks or months at most. It’s usually difficult for me and many other people.”

Most people have New Year’s resolutions in attempt to make them healthier. The most common resolution is to work out or lose weight. People also make resolutions to get better grades or quit a bad habit, such as smoking.

Although many people don’t follow through with their resolutions, there are people who always continue with their resolution and end up meeting their goal.

“Last year, my resolution was to get better grades. It actually went well and I worked harder and set higher goals for myself.” said Ryan Sullivan, a student at PVHS.

Not everyone likes the idea of New Year’s resolutions.

Robby Coulter, a student at PVHS, said “I think resolutions are just a way to feel like this year will get better, but everyone is still the same person after 12AM on New Year’s day. It isn’t a ‘new you’, just a new year.”

According to, people in their twenties are more likely to follow through with their resolutions than someone over 50.

“I used to have resolutions when I was younger, like getting better grades or focusing more on schoolwork, but nowadays I feel like I never achieve what I plan to, due to work and other things.” said a PV parent.

Whether anything really changes after New Years is debatable. However, many people strive for a change and want to become a better person. Resolutions are always a good way to start. ⬥


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New Year’s Resolutions