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Swimming suit woes get tougher

Rachel Marks, writer

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Swimsuits. Oh, how hard they are to find, yet so easy to accidentally destroy. A single tear from the pool’s edge can bring your perfect swimsuit down as it rips further.

Most people at Perkiomen Valley High School have gone through the swim class in gym. The class is rather annoying for most people, but for girls, it’s so much worse. PVHS puts strict dress codes upon swimsuits, and most of those rules apply to the girls. The dress code states that there are no bikinis permitted and that the swimsuit must cover the stomach. Tankinis are allowed. One-pieces must not be “too revealing”. Those appear to be the most commonly quoted rules, but there are others.

According to the school handbook, “At school sponsored water events (i.e. pool parties); girls are expected to wear one-piece bathing suits or tankinis. Boys are expected to wear standard trunks. Street clothes are not permitted to be worn in the pools; surf shirts are acceptable.” This passage is obviously meant to apply to both males and females, but, time and time again, it is the girls who have trouble finding bathing suits that meet these criteria. The girls have to sift through piles of one-piece swimsuits to find the seemingly random size that fits , and even then, the promising candidate sometimes doesn’t work out to meet the requirements. The suit may have a hole in the back, or cutouts along the sides. Both of these are a dress code violation, and most girls work hard to avoid that.

The current fashion is a mix between one pieces and bikinis with a t­-shirt over them. The t-shirt and bikini combination is technically not allowed, but some gym teachers permit it. This leaves only girls who are able to find acceptable one-pieces truly safe from teachers who enforce the dress code.

Some of the girls who find it easier than others to buy swimsuits simply find themselves shopping in the warmer months. Most stores do not sell swimsuits in the winter–which is when many students have their swim classes–and often the ones in stock are ludicrously expensive or sized to the extremes.  Suits that cost a pretty penny and are not even a comfortable size: Who wants to pay that?

After compiling a list of stores from multiple sources, it appears that the most popular places to buy a swimsuit that meets the dress code requirements are Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target (during the fall and spring), and Kohl’s. There are many other places to find a suitable swimsuit, including online stores, but to find one that meets the requirements and is sized to fit your unique frame, these stores seem to be your best bet.

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Swimming suit woes get tougher